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- Smashing Pumpkins

Someone tell me, when, exactly, they have come across a time, where Smashing Pumpkins…WAS NOT an appropriate choice in any given setting, situation, life moment…or fuck it, life living? Never. That’s what I thought. Everyone, now, press play, on the (for your listening convenience) mp3 above, and if your in a rush…go ahead…I’ll let it slide this, one, time, only, skip to 3:10…for the best part: a menage of sunshine, psychedelic, everything good in music little guitar number, of the piece in question: Glynis. Which, I might add, is just one, of the countless tracks, Corgan and co. have given humanity, to feast our senses on. 

There really is No Alternative

- Wishing I was Glynis and not Madi, currently (and only briefly)


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