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New Years Eve was perfect. It was so perfect, actually, I’ve spent the last four hours, literally, staring at the white, blank word document opened on my laptop. I’ve spent four hours typing…and then back spacing, and then typing…and thus, back spacing, yet again, and again…and again…and…again..and…you guessed it, again, some more. Maybe it’s my short attention span, my lack of focus, and/or my terrible organizational skills. Maybe it’s my fear of leaving something out: someone out. So, for my sanity; but, more importantly, my responsibility: which is to present to you, the music, bands, and performances, that I believe, are worthy of your attention, and in that, available to you, in a timely manner, I shall spare you the eve of a new year’s minute, yet plentiful details. Without further ado, a huge thank you, to Boston’s very own, Allston Pudding, for putting on the best New Year’s party, to date; and, of course merci, merci, a la: The Migs, Creaturos, and You Can Be a Wesley, for providing stellar, kick ass sets, for myself, to, what else, but rock out with my rainbow (floor length) frock out. ‘Twas a night, even with all the booze I consumed, I will always remember.

With love, and Enthusiasm for 2013,


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