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Bow Down and Die

- The Almighty Defenders


I have a serious crush. It’s not okay. I think its love. It’s the can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, jump over the moon kind of love. It’s terrible: I’m obsessed. The object of my affection, you may be wondering? The Almighty Defenders (sorry to disappoint male suitors out there, maybe next time). Ok so you’re probably a little bit confused by my bizarre infatuation, but I think I can make it all a bit more clear for you. Back in 2009, garage punk/rock or whatever group, the Black Lips, were chased out of India by the country’s law enforcement. I guess front man, Cole Alexander in his birthday suit while making out with his band mates, during a performance of young Chennai locals, isn’t looked highly upon in other parts of the world (who wouldn’t want to see Alexander’s bare ass, though? seriously, I’d tap that). Anyways, after escaping the potential rotting walls of a third world jail cell, the Lips found themselves in Berlin, Germany. I think it’s appropriate that after you successfully flee a nation for public indecency, you’d have something worth celebrating. The festivities in Berlin, however, would actually turn out to be God’s gift to mankind. Members of the band reconnected with both, the legendary Mark Sultan, of King Khan and bbq Show, and King Khan, himself, where they formed what is now, the greatest love child in musical history: The Almighty Defenders. So I recognize that this all seems a little, well, outdated, considering all this took place four years ago. You’re right it is, but the Defenders’ 11 songs that is their only album to date, is timeless. Tracks like Bow Down and Die and All My Loving pay homage to punk rock love songsters, like The Germs (I.E. Lexicon Devil, Sugar Sugar), with their unrefined, yet vaguely melodic recordings. With that in mind, the EP as a whole is quirky. It’s, for lack of better term, fun. It feels like high school: awkward at times, experimental, up, down, adventurous, manic, and in the end heroic. I like music that makes me feel nostalgic: I want to know that I can be a kid forever. Appropriately, The Almighty Defenders and the story behind its formation, down to the sound, lyrics, and production of their album promise and demonstrate the possibility of being young forever. The trick to this discovery is imperative: you have to give yourself completely to their cause and more importantly to their music.

"All My Loving…"

- Madi 

"After sex, the bitter taste. Been fooled again, the search continues."

Another weekend in the city over, another night in bed alone. Well if you count pizza I guess I wasn’t alone, but as for actual, animate, inedible, dairy free beings, I was alone. But enough of my white girl problems.

"Kreuzberg" by Bloc Party is a song that addresses the feeling of loneliness pretty well. A song about looking for love in a city (in this case Berlin), finding somebody to fuck, and waking up knowing that it was a mistake. A real 21st Century heartbreak song.  Written about frontman Kele Okereke’s botched experiences of looking for love with other men, "Kreuzberg" is a song that really pulls at the heart strings of anybody, straight, gay or bi, that has looked for love in all the wrong places.  I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that woke up this morning feeling what Kele is singing about. Hopefully you woke up next to a person and not pizza though. 

- Sam

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