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TOY’s video for new single “Motoring” was released today and it is the coolest fucking thing ever. Sonically, visually, and emotionally, this is so close to being on acid I can’t even deal with it. Directed and edited by Joe Morriss, its got crazy colors, trailing movement, and glitchy space age spasms. This video seriously is the best thing I’ve seen in ages. Not to mention the song is just awesome. It’s a lot more produced sounding than TOY’s previous singles, but it really works. I can’t fault the song or the accompanying video at all. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Check this out now! NOW!!!!! 

The single will be out on Monday April 16th through Heavenly Recordings on 7” with B-Side “When I Went Back”. You best fucking buy a copy before they sell out.

- Sam

I’m a film kid. Plain and simple. So as a film kid it’s only natural that I like visuals along with my music, especially really cool music videos. This video for Connan Mockasin’s “Forever Dolphin Love” is the coolest of the cool. From what I have read/seen/listened to, New Zealand’s Mr. Mockasin is a true artist, albeit a little bit crazy, but then again what good artist isn’t a little crazy? His music is a mix of acid jazz, psychedelic, and it even has some new wave thrown in there. The video really is the perfect accompaniment for the song. Painted Geishas, cat people (not putting out the fire with gasoline), and a dolphin lady. And it’s shot really well. REALLY WELL. Just watch and be amazed. His album “Forever Dolphin Love” is out now. Get it get it get it!


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